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Without meaning to, she makes me feel like a failure – and she always has.’Therein lies a telling clue to the pernicious nature of sibling rivalry: ‘She makes me feel like a failure’ is an expression that really says more about the speaker, rather than the subject of the remark.

While it’s only natural to compare ourselves with our brothers and sisters, there’s often an irrational knee-jerk tendency to irrationally blame them for our own limitations.

I told them I felt they ganged up and undermined me – they’ve never done it again since.’That you can choose your friends but not your family can be an extremely painful truism.

Although I try my best not to be chippy and angry, I don’t always succeed.Ironically, it’s not always the gifted child who is lavished with praise and treated as special.‘Sometimes parents erroneously try to level the playing field by protecting and supporting the child who doesn’t excel at anything, thereby making the others feel less appreciated or loved,’ says Doherty, who freely admits that she and her younger sister in particular had a very fraught relationship.Bird apparently believed he had been robbed of his inheritance, after discovering that his twin brother was given £25,000 by their father to help him out of a financial hole 13 years ago.With sizable debts of his own, which he feared would land him in jail, 52-year-old Bird shot dead his brother David, along with 11 others.

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